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Cuppie Silverstar: Bara Nitamba by TVsKyle Cuppie Silverstar: Bara Nitamba by TVsKyle
Bara Nitamba – “The Jewel of the South”

The nation of Bara Nitamba is a peninsula in the southern part of the Great Continent. The primary crops are rice, lentils and tropical fruits. It is largely agricultural but very crowded, especially along the coasts where fishing villages abound.

The nation is unified under a single ruler who is elected by the 14 tribal groups that comprise 95% of the population. For 122 years, the peninsula was occupied and colonized by Tin Mawr (Cuppie’s home country), but that relationship ended 50 years or so before Cuppie was born.

The official national language is still Tin (the language of Tin Mawr), and the most commonly spoken native languages are Lirit (spoken in the central region), Varna (spoken in the north), and Uler (spoken in the south.)

The predominant religion, practiced by 70 percent of the people, is Sriguma, a polytheistic faith that values devotion, peaceful living and kindness to all living things. The other 30 percent is split between devotees of the Spring Maiden (imported from Tin Mawr) and followers of Chamillah, the Veiled Lady (the religion of the nations to the east of Bara Nitamba).

The inhabitants are known collectively as Barit and are known throughout the Great Continent for their hospitality, cheerful industry and light blue skin. Their currency is the Ruchgar (“ruchie”), valued at about 100 ruchies per Tin Mawr Librum.

One of four postcards commissioned by :iconblueplastic: back in April. To read more about Cuppie Silverstar check out these!
guysafari Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is a 10/10
LunaPrincessNinjato Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2012   Digital Artist
Cute and good work on the outfit styles
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