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Here's a promo that shows off a lot more of Mighty Magiswords!

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 9.53.03 AM by TVsKyle

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This week, Kyle and Luke talk more about what it’s like to work on Mighty Magiswords as Luke rounds out his first month there, plus ranking Animaniacs segments, and a few other odds and ends.

Kaltat 41 by TVsKyle
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I was at a Peelander-Z show with :iconcozmictwinkie: and our friend Sam and a nice young lady came up to me, asked if I was TV's Kyle, and expressed her appreciation for adding her on DA when she was 13. Later there was an end-of-show extended dance-off-something-or-other happening. I didn't catch your screen name, so if that was you, tell me so here!
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Kyle and Luke Talk About Toons #40: Actually Making Cartoons vs Talkin' Toons  

Kaltat40 by TVsKyle…
This week, Kyle and Luke talk about Luke’s first week at Cartoon Network, and we attend the recording of Rob Paulsen’s Talkin’ Toons podcast!
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This week, while Luke travels from Chicago to the apartment Kyle just moved into in Burbank, Kyle reads your letters and then plays an interview Luke did with Doug Rice of Startoons (Animaniacs, Tiny Toon Adventures, Taz-Mania).

Kaltat 39 by TVsKyle
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Mighty Magiswords by TVsKyle
Hi everypeoples! So, it seems like a lot of you have heard about me making Cartoon Network's first digital series, Mighty Magiswords! I appreciate all the kind words and fan art I've gotten in the past couple of days! Thanks, everyone! It's funny-- since no official art is out yet, people are using the above as reference for the fan art, and they Warrior siblings (and their Magiswords) look a bit different now! This was the cover for the original pitch package back in 2013! 
As you can imagine, I'm keeping pretty busy ramping up the show, and I'm also trying to finish the tracks for FAWM (February Album Writing Month) that I'm going to perform at Marscon next month! As such, I can't quite keep up with answering every comment, note, or request-for-me-to-do-things I get. Sorry! 

Thanks, everybody, and stay tooned!
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Kyle and Luke Talk About Toons #35: Creative Heavy Lifting…
This week, Kyle and Luke talk about Luke’s latest unfortunate art gig, your letters, and MARSCON MARSCON MARSCON MARSCON MARSCON MARSCON MARSCON...

Toons 35 400 by TVsKyle (Art by :iconartbylukeski: and 

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It's finally here! Andrew Kepple and I made this video for Veronique Chevalier and it rocks! Please check it out!…

QuickTime Player 7ScreenSnapz003 by TVsKyleQuickTime Player 7ScreenSnapz006 by TVsKyleQuickTime Player 7ScreenSnapz005 by TVsKyle

QuickTime Player 7ScreenSnapz007 by TVsKyleQuickTime Player 7ScreenSnapz004 by TVsKyleQuickTime Player 7ScreenSnapz001 by TVsKyle

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Kyle and Luke Talk About Toons #32: Chanukah in the Sandlerverse

Toons 32 color by TVsKyle

This week, Kyle and Luke talk about The Toy Story That Time Forgot, Elf: Buddy's Magical Christmas, and Eight Crazy Nights! Did you know there's a Sandlerverse?…
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Kyle and Luke Talk About Toons #31: No Toons, Just Tunes... For Christmas!

In lieu of a proper Toons episode due to Kyle-busy-ness, Luke Ski whipped up an episode full of podsafe funny holiday tunes by TV's Kyle, Luke Ski, and some of their cohorts from the Funny Music Project (, at least some content of which is cartoon-related. So enjoy everyone, and we'll be back in 2 weeks!
Kaltat 31 by TVsKyle
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This week, Kyle and Luke chat about the Peanuts movie trailer, some clickbait about cartoons nobody has nostalgia for, your letters, and more!…

Kaltat30 by TVsKyle
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Oops! Forgot to promote this on DA 'cause I was out of town!…
This week in Kyle and Luke Talk About Toons, we have a somewhat slapdash no-editing show because Kyle needs to skip town! It totally doesn’t involve gambling debts…. ANYWAY, the boys talk about Muppet Babies, Box Trolls, Book of Life, Gorillaz, one specific Ghostbusters drawing, and much much more. Also, Kyle has a grand ol’ time hating your letters!

1907885 747177832022166 3385883532561648087 N by TVsKyle
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Toons27-400 by TVsKyle

This week, Kyle and Luke chat about Box Trolls, Jay and Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie, Weird Al and animation, and your letters, most of which annoy Kyle in some way! (Don’t let that stop ya!)…
(Art by :iconartbylukeski:)
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Kyle and Luke Talk About Toons #26: OSWS  

This week, Kyle and Luke are joined by Devo Spice from the Funny Music Podcast and Kevin Eldridge of the Flopcast as they talk about Luke’s new cartoon-related song, “Orko, Slimer, Wicket, and Snarf”!

Orko, Slimer, Wicket, & Snarf Toons 26 promo art by TVsKyle…

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  • Listening to: The Funny Music Podcast
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Toons24 by TVsKyle (Cover by :iconartbylukeski:

This week, a quick and dirty mailbag episode! Subjects include canned laughter in animation, the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, and Tony Goldmark’s ideas for the thing we say at the end of the show!.…

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Kaltat 23 by TVsKyle

This week, Kyle and Luke continue talking with voice over actress Tia Ballard! She asks the guys lots of questions about being professional artist-types.
:icontvskyle: :iconartbylukeski: :icontiatoony:…
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The first in a two part episode with special guest co-host Tia Ballard! :icontiatoony: is an anime voice over artist best known for her role as “Happy” in “Fairy Tail”, but she’s also a cartoonist-in-training!…
Kaltat 22 by TVsKyle
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Kaltat 21 by TVsKyle

This week, Kyle and Luke chat about the summer animation-adjacent movies of the summer so far, and then spend a really long time reading your letters. Kyle’s sass levels (and voice levels) are super-high in this episode, so be warned.
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tumblr n7kwa805Mq1qd0vwyo1 500 by TVsKyle

Kyle and Luke Talk About Toons #19: Unapologetic Navel Gazing 2, Electric Lukealoo

This week, Kyle and Luke discuss Luke’s artistic career, and your letters!…

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